Your WordPress Website

You have a website and when it was new everything worked and you were very happy with your online presence. Suddenly images are not loading, a slider stopped working. Your WordPress website needs a minor fix or a refresh.

You gain a measure of legitimacy from having an online presence. In simpler times one just needed to hang out their “shingle.”  Today, businesses without a web presence tend to be in one of two categories. First, are legacy businesses that were established before the growth of the Internet and the owners have not yet adapted, and second, new businesses or solopreneurs too early in the process to have established an online presence.

Our WordPress Work

Today, the WordPress platform powers one of three websites online. What began as a tool for bloggers to create an online presence has evolved into a robust contact management system. Just about anything you can imagine you would like a website to do can be achieved using WordPress. Because of it’s flexibility you can do anything from creating a simple online brochure to selling your products and services is possible. You might want to develop a mailing list or you have members only content you want to have protected. For these reasons, it’s the platform we work with.

The bulk of our website work is minor websites fixes on an as needed basis, regular website maintenance, or doing a site refresh. An issue that can frustrate a website owner is having an attractive site and one day they notice something wrong.

Have you experienced any of these issues:

You notice that some of the great product shots or other images don’t load. The caption may still be there but there is an odd little icon where the image should be.

You notice that the slider which should scroll through great product shots or other images isn’t working. All of the text is there but all you can see of the slider is the navigation handles and a row of dots that indicate the progression through the slide show.

You’ve been uploading product photos and placing them in the gallery and it just doesn’t look right.

You have a website that is starting to look a little dated. You have some new things you want to add and you would like a design that is more contemporary with some of the cool new features you’ve noticed on competitors website.