DaVinci’s Emulation – No matter what problem you face in business, it’s likely that a solution is out there.  To find the solution, you might need to look beyond your own industry.  Learn how to find solutions in the way that Leonardo did.

Marketing Lessons From the Grocery Aisles – Shelves of your local grocery store are full of marketing concepts.  Learn six lessons that may take your product or your business to the next level.

The Butterfly Effect in Business – A minor tweak can lead to huge change.  Business owners often concentrate on significant adjustments and ignore the little tweaks.  Learn how to tweaks and to guard against negative results.

Retail Reboot – Sometimes when a business is stuck, you need to strip things down and reboot.  Learn about a simple framework for retail business renewal.

Radio 2.0 – All forms of media evolve and radio, considered one of the traditional media options has been evolving.  Learn where the medium is and what might be on the horizon.

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