Search Engine Optimization

We tell our clients that creating a website and then doing nothing to drive traffic to the site is like having a brochure or catalogue printed and then having it sit in boxes in a store room.  A very effective way to ensure traffic to your website is to make certain your site is search engine friendly.  The search engines, lead by Google are constantly combing through website looking for relevant content so they can return good results to users when they search.  It is important to know what terms people are using when they search for information in your area of expertise.  To have content from your site returned in a search it can be very helpful to have your site optimized.  This has become a very sophisticated process and when it is done well you will rank well organically.  Keep in mind that Search engine optimization isn’t something that is done once and it’s good.  To maintain a high organic ranking this should be an ongoing process.


Another way of getting traffic is through pay-per-click advertising which can be an extremely effective way of driving traffic to your site and it can be very cost effective if it is done well.  There are three big advantages.  First, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and is delivered to the landing page you choose.  Second, results are very easy to track and data is readily available for analysis.  The third is the level of control that you the advertiser have.  You can establish a budget.  When that amount is exhausted your ad no longer appears until the next cycle of funding.  You can change you ad copy whenever you like and can even test different ads against each other to see which delivers the best results.  You can choose geographic parameters in terms of who might see your ad.  We will write more about your control in future posts.

The largest player in the PPC field is Google with AdWords and AdSense.  AdWords has the capability of delivering traffic by placing your ad on Google search results for the search terms you choose.  You can also appear on Google search partner sites as well as G-mail and a wide variety of sites through Google’s AdSense program.  There is a discipline involved as Google has rules you must follow.  Also, if your ad is not effective with low click through rates your ad may be disabled requiring you to rewrite the ad before it can be shown again.

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