Strategy and Implementation

Marketing is a critical function and instrumental to the success of your business.  Marketing is much more than great advertising campaigns.  The challenge might revolve around the product and the price.  Each client is unique and so to is every marketing solution.  Clients come to us with their individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  We asses the client’s situation from their value proposition to the competitive environment.  We then develop a practical cost effective solution.  When we mutually agree that we have the right solution, it is implemented.

Having worked with companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries, Bill has the experience to develop solutions for your company.  Big companies were once small.  If you are looking to grow your small business get unbiased advice on what avenues are best for you.  Bill has extensive experience in automotive, automotive aftermarket, recreational vehicles, development/housing/renovation, real estate, restaurant/night club/entertainment, shopping centre, pharmacy, travel/tourism/accommodation, furniture, trade show, industry association, not-for-profit/charity, training/education, financial/investment/mortgage, and B2B.

Establishing a goal and developing a strategy are the first steps.  Strategy is critical; it is the foundation.  Without strategy it is like trying to travel without a map.

6 Step Strategy Development

  1. SWOT Analysis
  2. Define target
  3. Determine target market’s needs/desires
  4. Analysis of competition
  5. Strategy development
  6. Tactics development