Brooksberg Studios

At Brooksberg Studios, we focus on creating graphic and video content for website and social media platforms. You video production can be live action or animated. Occasionally the two styles are combined.

Your live action video can be created from existing visuals such as video footage that you provide still photographs and or graphics. or is shot by our team, and can also contain stills and graphics. Our animation work spans 2-D animation plus Whiteboard Explainer videos.

Whether you need video to sell product, train staff, or promote an event bring you needs and questions to us. Perhaps you are just looking for a simple piece to use on social media platforms or you want your logo animated to tag your own internally produced video. We are flexible, creative and affordable.


Live Action Video

2-D Animation/Live Action Hybrid

2-D Animation combined with live action video

Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard Explainer Video with music
Whiteboard Explainer Video using still photo
Glassboard Explainer Video
Whiteboard Explainer Video with music

Whiteboard Social Media Piece/Animated Logo

Whiteboard Social Media piece with animated logo

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