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Website Development

Your WordPress Website You have a website and when it was new everything worked and you were very happy with your online presence. Suddenly images are not loading, a slider stopped working. Your WordPress website needs a minor fix or a refresh. You gain a measure of legitimacy from having an online presence. In simpler times one just needed to … Read More

Marketing Services

Strategy and Implementation Marketing is a critical function and instrumental to the success of your business.  Marketing is much more than great advertising campaigns.  The challenge might revolve around the product and the price.  Each client is unique and so to is every marketing solution.  Clients come to us with their individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  We asses the client’s situation … Read More

Brooksberg Studios

Brooksberg Studios At Brooksberg Studios, we focus on creating graphic and video content for website and social media platforms. You video production can be live action or animated. Occasionally the two styles are combined. Your live action video can be created from existing visuals such as video footage that you provide still photographs and or graphics. or is shot by … Read More

There is Only One Best Choice

Align Offers with Client Needs Al Franken’s character, Stuart Smalley, from Saturday Night Live is famous for the line “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me.” This is excellent advice if you are working on self esteem, but for your business, Stuart has it wrong. Good enough doesn’t cut it! It’s a simple truth, in … Read More

3 Ways to a Total Business Makeover

I’ve been thinking a great deal about organizational change.  I would like to share my thoughts on the three ways to realize huge change in a business.  Change is going to happen.  Is the change going to be thrust upon your organization or is it going to be something you bring about?  All three of the ways we look at … Read More

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