Playing Shape

Robert Zunikoff

One of the things that I enjoy doing is looking at other industries or endeavours for solutions to a current challenge.  This technique can also be used to introduce learning and initiate growth.  I often refer to this as Creative Emulation.  Here is an example; when you first start playing a new game you have to focus on the fundamentals.  In pool the basic game involves sinking balls and you begin at that level.  Once you become proficient at the basics you advance.  “Playing shape” looks at not just sinking one ball, you also set yourself up for your next shot.  This involves knowing where the cue ball will go after it strikes the colored ball you are trying to sink.

Can you apply this concept to your business to take it to the next level?  When you are dealing with a new customer, rather than be focused on this purchase, can you position yourself for this while also setting yourself up for the next?  What does that look like in your business?  This is a theme that we will look at from time to time, stay tuned.

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