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3 Ways to a Total Business Makeover

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I’ve been thinking a great deal about organizational change.  I would like to share my thoughts on the three ways to realize huge change in a business.  Change is going to happen.  Is the change going to be thrust upon … Continued

Customer Buying Style

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Many years ago as a radio sales rep I had a client say to me “Everyone is a price shopper.”  The gentleman had a small retail carpet shop.  I needed a way to show him that this wasn’t the case.  I developed … Continued

Customer Life Time Value

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I just fired up an old laptop to retrieve a document.  This was a list of topics I planned to write about, and I thought it would be instructive to review the list.  I had searched through all my current folders … Continued

Park Resorts Innovates

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Some times a totally different approach to a problem delivers a winning solution. In the hospitality industry one of the major challenges is maintaining reasonable standards with lower skilled jobs.  In food service, bussers, and dishwashers and in lodging, housekeeping staff are … Continued